Hair Loss

There are several treatment options for hair loss including topical medications, oral medications, PRP, red light and hair transplant. Regardless of your treatment journey, Rxify offers personalized, topical solutions to aid in the restoration and maintenance of healthy hair.

Our solutions typically include ingredients to increase blood flow to the scalp, stimulate cell turnover, and lower levels of DHT. For sensitive patients, a healthcare provider may choose to add an additional ingredient to reduce irritation of any ingredients to the scalp

We formulate a specific medicine tailored to each patient’s needs and therapeutic goals.

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How it works

Step 1

Create a provider account.

Step 2

After evaluating your patient, select the medication you want to order from our list of specialties and enter your patient’s information.

Step 3

We contact your patient and take care of the rest. You can check back and see where your patients order is in the process at any time.

Step 1

Your healthcare provider will evaluate you at your appointment.

Step 2

Your healthcare provider then selects a medication and custom dose, or medication combination needed to improve your condition.

Step 3

You will be contacted to provide your billing & shipping information and your medicine is shipped directly to you.

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When patients stop using the solution, hair loss typically resumes. Our solution addresses hair loss but is also responsible for maintaining existing hair.

Hair grows in phases so results can vary but our patients and their hairdressers begin to notice results within three to six months. At first the new hair growth is very fine but over time begins to thicken. Full results are typically visible after
one year.

Prescription Ingredients

Rxify offers customized medications with quality raw ingredients including