We formulate a specific medicine tailored to each patient’s needs and therapeutic goals.

Personalized prescription medications formulated with a focus on quality and affordability.

Rxify is a healthcare provider-based platform that provides customized medication options for patients. Powered by a focus on high quality personalized medications from accredited laboratories at competitive prices.

How it works

Step 1

Create a provider account.

Step 2

After evaluating your patient, select the medication you want to order from our list of specialties and enter your patient’s information.

Step 3

We contact your patient and take care of the rest. You can check back and see where your patients order is in the process at any time.

Step 1

Your healthcare provider will evaluate you at your appointment.

Step 2

Your healthcare provider then selects a medication and custom dose, or medication combination needed to improve your condition.

Step 3

You will be contacted to provide your billing & shipping information and your medicine is shipped directly to you.

Rxify Benefits

Advanced testing

Powered by a focus on high-quality personalized medications from accredited laboratories at competitive prices.

Personalised Medications

Ordering a personalized medication or a combination of medications offers your healthcare provider more options to meet your specific needs

Member-first care.

Innovative instruction and medication consultations to inform and answer questions while working closely with your healthcare provider to ensure the best possible outcomes

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